Sarah Smart Aromatherapist and Growing Her Business

I have known Sarah for a while now, having been one of the first to join a Facebook group I created for therapists and practitioners. I have followed Sarah’s journey as she developed and grew her aromatherapy business to include beautiful hand-crafted essential oils.

Sarah is a qualified aromatherapist in one of Sydney’s leading clinics, which also has childcare available! Now that’s a fabulous idea for mum’s that need alone time.

I caught up with Sarah to discuss her journey into Aromatherapy and what her plans are for her business, that she very much passionate about.

Aromatherapist Sarah

Can you tell me about your journey and what you chose Aromatherapy?

My journey began when I met Alexx Stuart ( where I had an instant connection to living a low tox lifestyle. Getting rid of chemicals and looking at natural alternatives for myself and my family.  This led me down the path of becoming an aromatherapist to guide and promote safe ethical essential oil usage with the backing of an aromatherapy qualification.

Have you had any mentors that have assisted you in your business growth?

I have grown my business by having a mentor who has over 25 years experience in the industry and business coaches for the business side. They have taught me what has worked for them and what I need to do to be authentic and grow personally and professionally.

What have been your observations into what changes you would like to see implemented in the industry?

One thing that has stood out for me during my training and business growth is there is a missing training element for the natural therapy industry.  Self-Care for therapists.  I found during my training and early days of business growth feeling drained, run down and burnout which left me unable to continue running my business.  This brought me to design a ‘self-care’ package of aromatherapy blends to nurture myself and feel energised during consultations.

Can you provide any tips to manage self-care as a natural therapist?

  • Live and breath a low tox lifestyle
  • Eat well and exercise/meditation
  • Use ‘self-care’ aromatherapy blends to manage stress, calm the nerves, spark creativity and relax
  • Regular check-ins with a mentor of higher qualifications within the same industry
  • Before and after the client use a room ‘clearing’ spray

Sarah has also developed a “Self-care” package for therapists and practitioners which can be purchased here

Sarah has devised a great offer for Natural Therapist Jobs readers

Sarah is offering bespoke consultation fee discounted at 50% – normal price is $90 reduced to $45

As part of the consultation fee and bespoke blend you will receive:

  1. Safety Product Guide for the new blend – a guide on how to use the product safely
  2. Safety Guide for Essential Oils booklet
  3. 30 minute follow up call to discuss any further aromatherapy concerns or issues. Use within 3 months.
  4. As a gift any new product design request the design/consultation fee will be reduced by 50%
Essential oil blend will be designed and created for you with integrity and love. Sarah uses practitioner-only essential oils from reputable companies.
If you would like to take up the offer visit the website below and quote NTJ offer




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