Naturopath teaching others the value in learning

Christine a fully qualified naturopath who used to work in a range of industries including real estate and marketing transitioned into more of a grounded and holistic role as a naturopath. Christine is a highly qualified and knowledgeable practitioner, having worked in this industry for over 16 years.

Christine shares with us her words of wisdom not only with us here, but as part of her practice to budding and aspiring students too.

Amazing isn’t she!

How long have you been in the industry for and what are you currently doing in your business?

I’ve been in the natural medicine industry 16+ years in various forms. Initially doing wellness workshops for cancer and chronic illness. Then I introduced more advanced healing techniques using meditation and breathing. Deciding there and then, I re-entered University education later in life to study with Professor Marc Cohen completing a post graduate certificate in Wellness, post graduate diploma in Wellness and finally my Masters degree in Wellness. Recently I launched a new arm of the business mentoring students and practitioners.

How did you know you wanted to become a Naturopath and what was the path that got you to where you are now?

At 13years old I read a book on the use of vegetable juice to resolve various health issues. This launched my journey of discovery exploring the various health regimes. I was interested in macrobiotics, Ayurveda and many other philosophies that incorporate food as medicine and wellness principles. Its been quite a journey in my early adult life using these techniques to support my own optimal state of wellness and productivity.

I noticed you have a new fabulous range of relaxation CD’s how did that idea come about?

A large part of my personal journey of self-discovery has been with the use and practical application of yoga techniques. This culminated in training and initiation into advanced Kriya Yoga Meditation practices.

My Naturopathic clinical work and Masters research has allowed me to introduce simplified practical and effective yoga techniques. This is by supporting optimal health as well as to alleviate symptoms such as anxiety with the use of simple guided breathing techniques.

The Breathe Relax Meditate range of 4 graduated guided audio CDs was born out of the demand gaining access to these effective techniques. They can be used at the convenience of home use and for travel. In my clinic practice, I provide a free CD for my patients to support their health journey and stress management.

Wow I see that you mentor students, how many students have you mentored and what do you enjoy about mentoring students

I have always provided informal mentoring throughout my career. 2016 I began formally providing mentoring services both for students seeking clinical studies as well as practitioners either launching their careers. My goal is to assist them in private coaching, guidance with cases and business development. This year I will be mentoring up to 20 students and practitioners.

Do you have any advice for students who are perhaps near the end of studies that are feeling overwhelmed with what they need to do when they graduate?

  • Once qualified, this is when the real learning begins.
  • Find a practitioner that is willing to mentor you. Many have great experience far beyond what you see in the formal education arena.
  • Consider volunteering for an internship.
  • There is a big world of patients out there waiting for your help.

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