Nail that interview

You just graduated or looking around for that dream clinic.

You want to know where you can start to build your own clientele and eventually own your own business. First things first you have to get your foot in the door with the dreaded interview and nail that interview.

Fear not you can do it and land that dream job with these 5 free tips
  1. What ever type of job you are going for, whether for a massage therapist or a naturopath look professional. For example if you are interviewing for a massage therapist role, make sure to dress smart.
  2. Be on time. Nothing screams bad time management as being late. Remember if you are eventually wanting to build your clientele you will need to manage your time well….time is money of course!
  3. Prepare. Make sure you know and can answer the following- Where did you graduate? What year? What is your experience- volunteer or professional,  area of specialisation? style of massage do your past clients/clients prefer? type of clientele do you or would you prefer to work with? Describe your ideal work environment? (you may want to think about the role you have applied for and what you like about it), why do you want to work here? where do you see yourself moving forward in say 2 years time? are you covered with health insurance and if so who with (depends on role)? what association are you registered with? do you have the necessary insurance cover? (you may need to bring these along with you for proof depending on role), what continuing education will you consider? do you have your own ABN (depends on role)?
  4. During the interview negotiate and discuss where applicable and once again depends on the role. Discuss rates per hour, pay cycle, how many clients you would be willing to see, how they promote their business/clinic, hours worked and days worked, internal referral systems, external marketing opportunities, induction process and what occurs, expectations.
  5. After the interview take the time to thank the interviewer, either through a personal email or a phone call to follow up. This is a great way to let them know you are very keen for the position.

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