When To Leave a Job Interview

Have you ever felt like leaving half-way through a job interview, cringing at the interview questions, wanting to run to the door and knowing full well that you could not work there? Well, you are not alone.

This is what is called an ill-prepared recruitment strategy and the employer has not thought thoroughly about the recruitment process.

Here are a few tips to know when to exit and how to exit appropriately. Remember it is OK to politely end the conversation if any of the following occur.

  • You don’t feel safe in the interview
  • The environment is inappropriate and disgusting
  • The interviewer is rude and disrespectful- i.e if they ask your age, marriage status or anything not related to the job, get out
  • When you arrive to interview they have no idea that you were meant to be there! Leave now!!!
  • They ask you to bring over your clients to them on the condition of your employment-leave they are your clients
  • Your own gut instincts say get out-trust them move along

Now how to leave!

This is what to say and what I have said in one interview where I knew I could not work.

“Thank you so much for that explanation, Tim. I am going to have to stop you there. I really appreciate your time today and the effort you have put in. Though it doesn’t seem like a great match between us. Thank you once again, I really appreciate it and I won’t‘ waste any more of your time. Thank you, I can show myself out — leave and hold your head up high!

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