Job ad legal requirements

It pays to know the job ad legal requirements. Misleading jobs cause job seekers a great deal of hardship and difficulty.

Did you know misleading job ads carry heavy penalties under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL)? Penalties ranging up to $1.1 million for the most serious breaches.

Don’t get caught out!

Here are some examples to land you in hot water:

  • Not providing enough information. For example, nature of work, employment status-full-time,part-time, casual, remuneration, location.
  • Not advertising an actual job. I.e training schemes and recruitment agencies displaying a job with no actual job.

Here are examples of what to consider when placing an ad:

  • An actual position vacant that describes the remuneration, location and name of the business.
  • When the role is not a full time, part time, casual role or genuine temp role, it should be advertised elsewhere. For example if it is a business opportunity, it should be placed under business opportunity, which follows the Corporations Act 2001.
  • If you ask people to pay for training fees as part of the employment, it is not a genuine employment role and should be placed in a general classified or opportunity section.
  • When you ask people to apply using a link to somewhere else the information should be the same as the ad.

If you need help with creating a job ad or unsure if your ad meets the above criteria, email Linda for a complimentary discussion on how we can help.

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