Employer secrets

I was so excited when Carla decided to have a chat with us about all things employer related.

It is very rare that an employer would want to speak about what they look for when recruiting candidates. Let alone spill some of their secrets on what they look for in prospective candidates.

Carla is just not any other employer, she is a very well respected practitioner who loves to network and present her findings to the masses.

You can truly see how passionate she really is about this industry and the staff she brings on board.

Can you tell me about your career and how to you started?

I started studying Bachelor of Health Science Naturopathy less than a month after turning 18, straight out of school. I was always keen on a career helping people and had a strong interest in science. My initial career path was more Prosthetics or OT!

Can you tell me what inspired you to start in this industry?

Growing up I was not familiar with natural medicines. In my final year at school, my dad visited a Naturopath who used iridology and homoeopathy, from that point my dad was fascinated. After that point, we went to an Australian College of Natural Medicine (now Endeavour) open day and that was it, I had found my place. I often feel incredibly blessed that such a small turning point moved me in the direction of a career I love.

What has been some of the highlights for you in what you do?

  • Watching the industry grow, develop in strength and reputation over the last 15 years has been amazing
  • From initially consulting in small home-based practices and health food stores to developing my practice at Peninsula Herbal Dispensary & Naturopathic Clinic the highlights have been varied
  • Being able to balance a career around being a mum
  • Growing a strong client base in my areas of integrative oncology, complex case management and AI disease
  • Purchasing Peninsula Herbal Dispensary and growing the business including our local wellness store which is coming soon
  • Collaboration on product developments
  • Speaking at a Breast Cancer Network Australia professional educational event
  • Attending the Institute of Functional Medicine in the USA
  • Attending events where I have been able to closely work with some of Australia’s natural medicine leaders like Kerry Bone, Simon Mills, Angela Hywood, Rachael Arthur, Charmaine Dennis, Isaac Golden, Amina Eastham-Hillier, Keonie¬† Moore and more…

How have you networked and developed your business to where it is now?

I’ve never said no to a speaking opportunity. I keep an eye out for opportunities that align with my core areas of practice. I can say that I put myself out there. I feel like I have something really valuable I want to share. Growing up in the community I practice in has an added advantage too! I also believe having a mentor or business coach has always proved helpful too.

When you are on the lookout for employees in your business what do you look for in a candidate?

A people person who has a great educational background. Someone who is focused, motivated, listens and is willing to learn and share. As well as teach us a little bit about their passion or special interests in natural medicine. Someone who is always looking to keep learning, as attending lots of ongoing practitioner education events is also a priority of our business. There also has to be a bit of an ‘X’ factor too!

Any pieces of advice for other candidates who may be applying for roles, how can they stand out from the rest?

Know about the business you want to work within. What are their core beliefs, values or principles as a business? How do you exhibit or share those values? What can you add to their business or practice from your own special interests? I love a practitioner who knows what kind of practitioner they are or what they want to be. Even if just out of college they have developed a focus on a certain area, it’s an easy way to slot a new practitioner into a growing practice. That way we know their ideal client and can market and promote the practitioner to attract these patients straight away.

Keep an eye out and in contact with Carla, who has mentoring, integrative oncology and functional medicine courses for practitioners coming out later this year too.


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