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Career Highlight with founder Nourish Everyday

The minute I read Monique’s piece on her career transition into Nutrition, I knew I had to share her story with you.

Transitioning from her current career as a lawyer living in London, to a student of Nutrition, all whilst creating her own business called Nourish Everyday is remarkable.

Read how Monique is not stopping at anything to grow her career and passion as a Nutritionist.

What made you decide to follow your career choice?

I didn’t immediately pursue a career in natural therapies, in fact I’m still kind of “transitioning” into one now! After high school I completed a double degree in Law and Arts at the University of NSW. I practised as a full-time lawyer for a few years before anything nutrition-related took off.  It then started to change in small steps.
Initially when I started tuning into my passion for nutrition, I took up a diploma in applied sciences (nutrition) by correspondence and continued in my legal job full time. Soon that wasn’t enough for me. A naturopath I was seeing recommended I apply at Endeavour College for their degree program, so I did! Now I’m completing a Bachelor of Health Science part-time. I still work permanent part time as a lawyer, working 4 days a week and then spending one day (haha, and my weekends) on my ‘side business’. Alongside my formal studies, I also decided to branch out a bit more creatively too. I started a recipe blog a few years back. It’s now morphed into Nourish Everyday ( which is my recipe and nutrition tips website. It also serves as a place where people can find out about me and my services.

What made me decide to do all of this?

I think it was a combination of dissatisfaction with the initial career path I’d chosen in law and changes in my personal circumstances. I’m actually so much more of a science/human body nerd than I understood. When I was 18 years old, I didn’t realise how much I really loved encouraging and enabling people to look after their health. Obviously something that can’t be satisfied working as a lawyer! Personally, I’ve also experienced health issues (my own and within my family), that have driven my interest in nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

How have you developed your following and where do you see your future?

I am so grateful for all of the loyal and kind people who support me, enjoy my blog and social media. In terms of a “strategy” for building a following; it may sound clichéd but my number one aim is to always produce genuine, well-considered content that you believe will benefit your audience. Though I don’t create recipes or nutrition articles as frequently as some, (I’m quite time constrained at present!). I would rather give 100% and produce something I’m entirely satisfied with than try to push to do too much. If you produce good content, your audience will swell. Something else I’m trying to get better at, which I think also helps to grow a following, is to be consistent and develop a “niche”.

What do you see as your future moving forward?

I’m not entirely sure where I see my future! It’s a bit complicated at the moment. I’m currently living overseas in London and I’m not able to push through my degree as quickly as I want to. I am working a lot on my blog. I’m also doing some consulting for a boutique fitness studio which is teaching me lots of small business skills. When I move back to Australia (in the not-too-distant future), I hope to complete my final year of studies quite quickly and move more into clinical practice.

Any advice or tips for others starting out, looking at starting out or currently in the natural therapy industry?

Be honest and kind toward everyone else you meet in the industry. Don’t be shy; you never know when or where your next big opportunity or collaboration with materialise. Whether it’s with the person right in front of you or someone they know, putting your best face forward as often as possible can only be a good thing! It can be difficult to get up and running. Heck, I still feel like I’m nowhere near ‘up and running’. I just keep on putting my hand up, practising my food photography and making contacts. I will see where I end up!
Another tip and again, another thing I’m personally working on and I struggle with is to make sure you value yourself and what you have to offer high enough. When you’re just starting out and feel like you aren’t as ‘good’ and/or experienced as you think you should be, then you undersell yourself. If you pitch too low, you paint a picture of yourself and your skills as only being worth that much. I don’t have the magic algorithm, but I do try and research (where possible) competing offerings. I’m trying to take more time to map out just how much I’m really charging myself out at per hour for various jobs, whether that’s catering, nutrition consulting, recipe development, etc.
There you have it. What a remarkable individual with so much drive and determination to make her dream a reality, no matter the geographic boundaries. Check out Nourish Everyday’s website ad social media handles for inspiration.
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Photo credit: Hayley Richardson

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