Business Support

Gill Stannard
Business mentoring and professional supervision

It’s unusual to find a successful practitioner with extensive such an extensive background in business, media and clinical expertise.

With over 25 years running her own naturopathic business (including a thriving multidisciplinary practice in the Melbourne CBD), Gill has been mentoring health practitioners for at least two decades. Gill demystifies marketing, creating strategies that align with your personal values and goals. She can help you discover your authentic practice style, and identify the blocks that are stopping you grow a successful business and live a balanced life. Her approach is individualised, just like the way we work with our clients.

Gill also has extensive old (radio, TV, writing and film) and new media experience. Her popular radio show Health Trip was on air for 20 years, she appeared many times on Good Morning Australia, as well as other screen appearances. She has an extensive medical writing portfolio and was an early adopter of social media. Gill can help you save time and money, helping guide your website, social media and email marketing choices.

For herbalists and naturopaths Gill also offers professional supervision, when you’re not retaining clients or meeting their expectations. Her experience and skills will help you unpick even the most challenging cases and improve your clinical outcomes.

Gill Stannard naturopath and mentor